Greenberg Jackson Associates - Scam threaten a Civil Criminal Charges

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i have received (4) various phone is from a Greenberg Jackson Associates and the other is Pacific (in Los Angelos) both claim that they are looking for me, that i have "Civil Criminal Charges" against me and leave a claim number on the message and to call back 1-888-541-3497 and if i dont call back they will have a warrent out for my arrest in the county i live in and bring a subpenoa to arrest me.

DONT FALL FOR THIS LIKE I DID... This is a total scam trying to get me to pay an old bill that is no longer EXISTS due to bankruptcy on my record and they think they can scare you into paying. They called an Uncle of mine that i havent talked to in YEARS.. how did they get his number?

My cousin called concerned about me stating there is someone looking to arrest me... well when i called they mentioned some old medical bill but had no company name no exact dollar amount and wanted to verify my bank checking account info and wanted my debit card to set up payments for an undisclosed amount of which they claimed they would verify afterwards by sending me a statement... i told them this isnt right.

Well, my family thought i was in trouble and decided to help without asking me and offered to pay, they called and gave their bank and debit information and wiped their accounts out of $18,640.00 !!i no longer talk to my family members who seem to think this is my fault.

Review about: Civil Criminal Charges.



Report these attempted collection abuses to the FTC and consumer protection agencies. Pacific and Greenberg Jackson appear to be working together and conducting illegal phone calls and use of unauthorized consumer information. Action is needed to warn and protect the public.

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